"You Can Build It"
Over the Years we have purchased and built many types of Gold Mining Equipment.  We were always looking and trying to find a piece of equipment that would wash better, save Gold better, be what we could afford and be tough enough to handle the job.
So finally a group of us, Old Placer Miners sat down to to design and build a practical Gold Getting Machine.
       We developed the Gold Rush Concentrator.  A tough, rugged, simple, easy to use machine.  A piece of equipment anyone with a buddy who could do some welding could build.  And it won't cost an arm and a leg.
        You can Build It.  You will save Money and you will have a unit that will last for years to come.
          *The Vibrating Hopper washes ALL of the material.  Then classifies to half inch which is directed to the Sluice.
           *A 10 Foot Three Layer Sluice will save not only the course Gold but your Finest Gold as well.

            *The whole plant is built on a DOT rated trailer frame.  Tow with you Car, Truck or ATV.

The Plans are only $19.95

Feed it....with Buckets, Backhoe, Mini-Excavator or Skid Steer.  The Unit will thoroughly wash your Material.  You will Get Your Gold